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Welcome to my first ever blog!! To start with I'd like to thank you all for reading, it's all very exciting but at the same time I'm treading in to unknown waters so slightly unnerving. As this is my first blog, I'd like to thank my clients, friends & family who will read this and for that I'm eternally thankful. You show continued support and general interest in what I do and that has enabled me to grow and develop. This is something every artist wants and can wish for.

For those of you who do not know me I am Sarah Harvey, the owner and photographer at Harvey Portrait Studio, based in Southampton UK. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog, may it fill you with inspiration and creativity... and I do hope you return soon to read another.

Time after clients at my studio speak time a well-known phrase or if I'm out photographing something on location, "Never work with Children or Animals!" (always said in jest) I hear this so much it's unreal and I do both so I thought it would be fun to share my experiences with both these subjects, particularly newborns and older babies. But the truth is, it's really not all bad, I say if it's worth the challenge you know it will be the shot of the day, so I just roll with it.

These days I find myself working more with the human variety in my studio but with a previous 8/9 years on location shooting horses (meant in the photographic sense of cause), I have learnt the art of patience. This is because not every horse stands still looking pretty, there is a possibility of unpredictable behaviour with every horse and this has taught me the art of patience and being able

to have a laid back attitude. Roll with it!

With this laid back approach... towards photographing anything to be honest, I have been able to approach Newborn and baby photography with the same mindset. When I compare horses and children photography they are actually quite similar, you just need patience, perseverance and a sense of calmness. As long as you have these qualities. Along with a professional camera and

you know how to use it correctly, you're set!

Other than requiring these skills and abilities there is more to newborn and baby photography than perhaps first thought, the foundations are the same but we start to think more about props and lighting when it comes to Newborns and older babies.

When I used to think of Newborn photography I instantly thought of Anne Geddes and the goal for the ultimate cute shot would be baskets & flowerpots as props. I would think, "what can I put this baby in to make it look really cute". I would look at Geddes' work and think that's what it's all about but in reality not all babies will be happy with being "planted" in a flower pot. It's really just as cute to skip all

the props and have a minimal approach.

Now I think lets do what the baby is happy with first and then we can start to test the boundaries and see how adventurous we can be. A cozy blanket, big beanbag and a super warm studio usually does the trick, not forgetting a belly full of food!

I invite your comments and I invite you to “Follow” my Blog as I plan to share more insights into my Photography Studio going forward!

All my best


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